Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our AQUA baby

My Daughter has done a wonderful job
training my Grand daughter,
that is only 2,
to swim under water.
Looking at these pictures
brings back memories
of the day's that my 3 babies
would lay in my arms and totally
trust me while I would float
them in the water.
And they all Loved the game
to count with me and on 3
under water we would go.
I really enjoy getting to float away
with my Grand daughter again.
My Grand daughter
is like a little mermaid.
We will have to find an
indoor pool for the winter.


The Harris Family said...

Thanks mama, it's so important to me that you think I'm doing a good job. It's truly and honor to be a mother and I learned SO SO much from you. You were and are the best!

dah daddy said...

You are NOT doing a good job!
You are a GREAT job!

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