Thursday, January 22, 2009

Puppy Breath

My sweet Son 
is about to 
Graduate college in May. 
Well, he has to now
we already gave him his 
Graduation Gift

We are probably the most 
impracticable parents in the world... 
or we are the sweetest

We helped him buy.......... a puppy

No its not a chocolate Lab

It's a Chesapeake Bay Retriever,,, 

A what you ask? 
( Look here-
and here's a picture of an older "Chessie"

Britton named him 
"Master Sergeant of Auburn"

"Sarge" is what we will call him,

aren't puppies cute! 

This is what I live for
My Children's smiles
My Grandchild's delightful giggles
My Husband's hugs and kisses

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grandaddy LOVE

I see
Get in here Grandaddy we are playing 
                          TEE PEE!   

I know its purty dirty to tell everyone your 30 ,,, sorry

"Mommy do you know this card says" 
                     YOUR 30?!"
      "ssshhh" Melise turnd 30 on January 5th

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


     If you say the word "dance"
my Grand baby will start dancing!           
          We found an idog 
  (you can record music in them)
she figured out how to turn them on
      and began to BABY DANCE
                 So Cutie
ck on the play button and it will show video

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Belated Christmas

                    Mona and Bill 
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  

I know Christmas is over 
but I can't   stop looking at the pictures
of all the blessings and the joyful 
time we had at Christmas. 
So here are just a few more of my favorite photos. 
                 Thank you Jesus
for your ever loving presents.
            Butterflies and Britton 
             on our Christmas tree                      OH my Gosh!  
      This is what I'm talking about! 
                I hit the honey hole.
    are you saying its OK to touch this?
  I'm  just so Happy about Christmas!
             I lovvve you Uncle BitBit
                                           Oh Yea!!
               more presents
   Now these parents are fully loaded 
      to make sure they get the shot.
                 The aftermath 
OH Yea!
this is better than diamond earring!
                  This says it all!!
               and this IS the reason.

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