Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Full of Blessings

Ephensians 6:3 Teaches us
...if we honor our Father and Mother,
you will have a long life on earth,
FULL of blessings.
Rita (Dugan) Evanochko/Grammy
We have been honored this month
to be able to enjoy moments and
make memories with my husbands Mother.
Some may consider that she
has already lived a long life
{she is getting on in her birthday's
coming close to the Big 90}
We were privileged to watch her
getting to know her first Great Grand Child,
our oldest daughter's little sweet pea. Who
laughed with and LOVED her Great Grammy.
A busy month, she also celebrated our
Son's College Graduation with us
at Auburn University.
We enjoyed having her with us for our
Memorial Day Gathering at my Parents home.
We've been busy shopping and out to eat,
She is always sooo sweet to buy us a treat.

I've found two new things,
after all these years of knowing her
that she and I share a Love for,
Donuts and to my surprise Mosaic's.
As an Artist I mosaic many things,
and after introducing her to how its done,
she got hooked, and created many Crosses.
Our last adventure will be a road trip
to Key West, Florida, to watch our neice,
my mother-in-laws Grand Daughter
get married on the beach.
After the wedding,
Mom, as I have always called her,
will be returning home to New Jersey
where she still lives in the home
she bought 56 years ago, with her husband,
Frank, (our Pop) who has gone to be with Jesus.
I pray she returns home
bestowed upon her by our
Lord Jesus the Messiah.
It has been our pleasure and honor
to have her spend this time with us.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I see Red, White, and Blue

If you read my profile you will read 
all about what a brat I was.
An Airforce brat that is. So I have seen a lot 
of red, white and blue all my life. 
And if you look all around you, 
you will see that God 
does bless America,even in Nature. 
RED sunset, with WHITE clouds, 
in the BLUE ski. 
And Here...
I pray this weekend 
that you all will remember 
all those that serve our county  
and their families that miss them, 
while they are at their post. 
..."as for me and my house
we will serve the Lord".
Joshua 24:15
God Bless America...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Is there a word to describe
this much Joy!
I looked in the thesaurus
and couldn't find
one word.
There was, exhilaration,
jubilant, exultant, delight,
elation, And Bliss;
but even they
didn't seem to say,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have not Abandoned my POSTS...

I know
you've not heard a single word mixture
or even a tiny glimpse of a picture
I do have so much to share
On my blog
with those that care
I will be giving you ALL the news
and posting ALL the views
that have kept me away
for so long and many aday
( hope you like my poetry)
Here's a preview
of just a few

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