Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Today!!!

Today is our "Little Sweetpea"
Grand Daughters, Happy Birthday
First there was Day One
we didn't think we could
have so much fun

In just a blink,
She was One Year Old
She still
put her arms out for you
not to big girl to hold

She is TWO
She plays peek-a-boo
and pretends to be invisible
(Grandaddy taught her that)
She talks on a cell phone
and says "I Lub uw"
she can tell you her name
and hold up her hand
and tells you "I Two"
With anticipation
{and tears}
we wait for the next
amazing thing she will do

My first Daughter
Her first daughter.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our AQUA baby

My Daughter has done a wonderful job
training my Grand daughter,
that is only 2,
to swim under water.
Looking at these pictures
brings back memories
of the day's that my 3 babies
would lay in my arms and totally
trust me while I would float
them in the water.
And they all Loved the game
to count with me and on 3
under water we would go.
I really enjoy getting to float away
with my Grand daughter again.
My Grand daughter
is like a little mermaid.
We will have to find an
indoor pool for the winter.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's a Duck Fest?

My Son works at a Grill
called the "Struttin Duck," in Auburn, AL.
I made a mosaic of "The Duck" Logo
for the owner, Neal,
as a Thank you gift.
He has done so many nice things
for my Son Britton.
Each July "The Duck" has a two day
Music festival.
We went this weekend and Chilled out,
for a fun time, of games, food,
and Good Music.
This was my husband Bills view
My Britton, Sweet and Single
Bill and Britton, My two Boys
My daughter Megan, and Bill,
Chillin to the music
More Chillin
TJ may not like me
for saying this but,
here's my dimple cheek son-in-law
My cute cousin Ryals
and fiancee, Holly
Ryals coming in second at
the "Hot" wing eatin contest
Our favorite Musician,
Kenny Heard.
You can hardly see his fingers
move when he is tapping those keys
Kenny's OK
Music, On into the night

Friday, July 17, 2009

for a chat on
Daddy's Lap
Where Love can be found

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Happy Man

This is one of the things my Hubby
does every day on our Lake.

It makes him happy.
These are only a few he catches.
He sends me a picture text of every fish.
It makes me happy when I get them.
He not only Love's to fish,
He talks to Jesus while he is out on the Lake.
He is a true fisher of Men Matt. 14:19,
as well as a fisherman. <:)))><

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

"Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.

I pray you all have a bouquet of
Freedom and Fun!
On this 4th day of July.
Let us pray for our Troops
that are not with family.
And may America Bless God

Hi,,, I am Awake in Him

Where have you been? Some may ask.
Though I have been
on some what of a Hiatus
I have not been in Time out.
I have been on an intermission
from the portion of my life
involving the computer.
I have been busy in my
Marvelous Life,
involving my work, my Friends,
and my Family.
Although I have missed sharing the Blessings
that have kept me away
from the keys of my computer.
Never fear..............
I WILL catch you up.
My Lord and Savior
Jesus the Messiah has
me to share my life
and his word with you:
" As for me,
I will continue beholding Your face [Jesus] in righteousness,
I shall be fully satisfied,
when I AWAKE in Your likeness"
Psalms 17-15
We will see Jesus face to face,
so I will tell of His Love,
and declare the Salvation
you can receive
if you put your faith in Him
for your eternal heritage.
What we invest on earth we can not
take to Heaven with us.
On earth He will reward us
with a Shield to protect our Salvation
and light our path with
His joyous message,
that your hearts desire
can be fulfilled with His guidance.
I am Awakened
to praise Jesus, and to share the
He has given me.
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