Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hi,,, I am Awake in Him

Where have you been? Some may ask.
Though I have been
on some what of a Hiatus
I have not been in Time out.
I have been on an intermission
from the portion of my life
involving the computer.
I have been busy in my
Marvelous Life,
involving my work, my Friends,
and my Family.
Although I have missed sharing the Blessings
that have kept me away
from the keys of my computer.
Never fear..............
I WILL catch you up.
My Lord and Savior
Jesus the Messiah has
me to share my life
and his word with you:
" As for me,
I will continue beholding Your face [Jesus] in righteousness,
I shall be fully satisfied,
when I AWAKE in Your likeness"
Psalms 17-15
We will see Jesus face to face,
so I will tell of His Love,
and declare the Salvation
you can receive
if you put your faith in Him
for your eternal heritage.
What we invest on earth we can not
take to Heaven with us.
On earth He will reward us
with a Shield to protect our Salvation
and light our path with
His joyous message,
that your hearts desire
can be fulfilled with His guidance.
I am Awakened
to praise Jesus, and to share the
He has given me.

1 comment:

Haven and Home said...

I feel like I need a computer hiatus! This is a great post, we all need to remember who brings us joy!

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