Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayer is what we're Asking for Baby Elijah

Prayer is all that is needed,
please don't stop praying,
until God's perfect timing
is up. Thank you Here's an up date from Gary.
Please continue praying until Elijah gets through, all this trauma and he is healed perfectly.
In the name of Jesus the Messiah
Thanks all that have written,
if you haven't please feel free to write to Gary
(click on CARE PAGES put [elijahseritt] in search, and
also look in my, Worth a Peek, Click on his name).
Much Joy and Love, Mona
March 22Just gonna let everyone know Elijah isn't doing so good today. Had a really long night of throwing up and the whole heap. His temp was back and forth and hit 100.9 this morning. His base line is 96. He is getting blood right now and I hope that perks him up a little. He has been out of it most the whole day. Just laying there breathing only to open his eyes occasionally. He looks rough right now. Please pray he doesn't go septic on me. Please pray for a turn around sooner rather than later. We have about 5 more days before his cells get to work. Please pray for him this next week. I hope all is well with all of y'all and thank you all for your prayers!!! Gary, Vasiliki, ELIJAH, and Dimitra

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MiMi said...

So sorry to hear that little Elijah has had such a rough night last night and day today. Praying that God will touch his little body and heal him so that those cells can start working as they should. Asking God to strengthen Elijah, as well as his entire family that is standing along side him.

Thank you for keeping us updated.

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