Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jesus is their peace, comfort, strength, and understanding in a time like this.

ELijah Seritt

From Mona

Please Read tonight... and Pray Now

Dear friends and Family,,,, please join me in Prayer for Elijah Tonight. To Jesus the Messiah, In Whom we believe, and Gary and his Family believe in. Thankyou, Mona E

update Wednesday 18,2009

Posted 4 hours ago

We just found out that Elijah has the Flu!!! This

is very serious we need everyone praying very

hard for Elijah right now. Love the Seritt family

update Wednesday 18,2009

Posted 2 hours ago

We need some prayers right now. We just found out Elijah has the flu. I cant stress how serious this could become. Elijah had his transplant monday and his counts are just now starting to drop. He has about 2 more weeks before his cells will even start working. We need those cells to get to work fast!! He has nothing to fight this with! I cant believe we have come this far to catch the flu at such a crucial time.

Dear family and friends,

Some have already contacted me to tell the Seritt's they are praying. I know they would like to hear from you even if you are a stranger. Gary has thanked people many times and said how it helps to know that are caring people out there. Please feel free to take a moment to say you heard from Mona and Bill E., and want to say you care and are praying.

I realized you don't know where to write so I'm inclosing the way you can leave a message in BROWN below. Just imagine if they got a message from everyone I contacted and everyone you know, and they know, and they know. What a great, feeling. I know it would help me, and has, during a hard time I went through. But not this hard.

This is the Prayer I sent them, You can let them know your Praying. I think the more people that leave a message the better.

You can forward this post to your friends that I”m sending you on this blog, and copy and paste, and attach this message to all people you know.

To contact Gary and the Seritt's:

type in ElijahSeritt in search, [all one word] and it will take you to his site.

And anyone can leave a message or a Prayer.

I love you, All

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Posted 1 minute ago

by Mona

We are Praying... Bill and I
And I have been sending a message about Elijah to all that I know, in my Email Address book. And I sent a message for Prayer to Jesus right now.the Messiah, tonight at 11.

When I read your email. I'm Praying you will Believe Jesus is with you, and God the Father, Love's Elijah more than you do. And the Holy Spirit is not defeated, and The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are together, just like

when your fingers come together when your hands are folded together to pray. Put your hands together in Prayer, fold your hands together now as I do and together we will all Pray for the Trinity to begin the Work of His Plan.

Have no Fears. Don't just pray give Him your all and I will too. God wants your all and wants the Best for Elijah. And They are in the Miracle making business.
May The Trinity make a Miracle for Elijah.

Mona E.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers being sent.

I belong to a private prayer blog and would love to add this little one to our prayer list. Can you email me and let me know what is going on with him?

(Beautiful photos of your grand daugher once again.)

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