Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is what I love today

Admonish the young women to love their husbands,
 to love their children.
Titus 2:4

This is what I love today
I Love my Husband,
I love my Children,
I love my home,
I love the sprinkle of colors 
God puts in every season,
I love it when I laugh 
and someone is laughing with me,
I love to hear 
the heavenly voices of my children,
I love God 
for answering my prayer to be a mother,
I love my children, 
they are everything I prayed for,
I love my children exactly the way they are 
there is nothing about them 
I would ever change,
 I love to get a surprising squeeze 
from my husband,
I love it when my husband looks into my eyes,
I love that little bit of heaven I feel 
when I look back into his, 
I love to talk to Jesus and ask for a miracle,
I love it when a prayer is answered, 
I love to sing,
especially when I know the words to the song,
 I love the memories of my mother's hands,
I love how her touch comforts me,
I love my mother's eye's, 
I love the way they glisten 
with approval of my life,
I love my mother's smile,
I love that her smile is a surrender 
to a happiness we share,
I love that my life 
made a smile come onto her face,
I love holding my grand baby,
I love the way it feels 
when my grand baby and I embrace, 
I love the feeling 
of being gently toughed by an angel 
when my grand baby falls to sleep in my arms.
I love the tears that fill my eyes 
when I feel the blessing of being loved, 
I love hugs,
I love kisses, 
I love that I don't know 
what tomorrow will bring,
I love knowing through Jesus 
I will have eternal love.

I love my husband  
I love my children
I love my mother (daddy too)
I love my grand baby's embrace

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