Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's in a name?

Do you have one of those name's ? 
You think to yourself ?
What were my parents thinking?
I don't. 
I know what my Mother was thinking.
And my Daddy honored my Mother,
by agreeing with her desire.
I like my name.
But even more I like the reason 
I have been blessed with my name.

Here I am Mona Fay:

Here is Mona Fay 
and her Mommy Rita Gay,
(yes our name's rhyme) 
Sleeping in my mother's heart,
she knew a name that was a part of her
before she ever held me in her arms.
I don't know the moment she decided
I would become a child swaddled with 
a name that would be me for eternity,
here I was, unlike any other,
like two who Mother loved.
And who I have come to love.

This is my Mother with her two sisters
Ramona, and Sondra Fay.

This is My Aunt Mona 
with me as a baby in her lap, 
and my cousin Judy a little girl.

This is my Mother 
and My Aunt Sondra Fay 
when they were Little Girls
This is two Lady's I Love 
My name sake
My Aunt Mona 
My Aunt Sondra Fay.
Now that I am grown; 
I Thank you for the precious gift
Of a beautiful name;
I will be a part of you both for eternity;
through the endearing love you
share with my Mother 
who looked into my eye's
called me
 Mona Fay

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The Harris Family said...

This is awesome Mama! I love the vintage look of this post, it's so artsy! And the poem...WOW! Love you!

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