Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why? moms work at home

WHY? do I call this blog " moms work at home".       
{ I call it the Art of Living now, but, this is why I first chose "Moms work at Home"}
 WHEN I became a "Stay At Home Mom" the day I had my first child, our little sweetpea, baby Daughter. 
And I loved it, I thought I had the greatest most important and most wonderful job in the world. But like most married couples short on cash,,, after my Daughter was old enough to tell me how we would conduct our day at around two and a half years old, I thought she could handle being away from me for eight 'short' hours a day and would welcome the companionship of other toddlers her own age to converse with, and most especially to manage their day. So I conducted THE search 
for THE GREATEST, day care center and arranged for my Mother to care for her first Grand daughter one day a week and then I went back to work as a Dental Hygienist. AAAAggghhhh, from day ONE I cried, our baby girl cried and I think my husband even cried. But... we endured about TWO whole months of this "adjustment". Then one night, sitting across the dinner table eating again at 7:00pm, another terrible cooked meal, with dishes piled high from the previous nights terrible meal, with both of us hungry for something "good" to eat again, listening to our beautiful baby girl, of two and a half (who could talk as well as a Six year old), pleading and  reasoning with us asking us not to send her to day care we called, "Play School" anymore. My husband said the most lovely words I think he has ever said to me that night at the dinner table, " I what you to quit work". Oh, talk about tears,,, he went on to say " he didn't care if we ever had a new car, (which we never did, only nice used ones), or if we never had a house, (we were living in a very nice custom ordered; temporarily while we saved money; mobile home)". Today we live in a beautiful 5 bedroom 3 and a half bath beautiful home on a private lake. But... I did QUIT! working outside the home. 

We soon had another sweet sunflower baby Girl, and then another wonderful, non stop lovable, baby boy. And I never got in a car and dropped off any of my babies at a "Play School" again. Now, I know not everyone can afford this luxury and some who could, will make a choice not to be a  "Stay At Home Mom" (today labeled SAHM). But, I chose to be at home, and praise be to Jesus, I had that choice to make. I did earn some money, in small ways to help out where ever I could. I'm an Artist so I painted on tee shirts and sold them. I'm a seamstress so I sewed and gave lessons though a material shop, for smocking and French Hand Sewing. There were other various jobs I got paid for, while staying home with my children, until they were all in school. Before I knew it our beautiful baby sweetpea was graduating high school and heading for college. With our other two not far behind her. Then as an Artist, a get up and go to work job found me, when a Private School open near us and they needed an Art teacher. I when to work as that Art teacher to help with the college expenses. As rewarding as it was, Nine years later,,, I QUIT! Again,,, and I'm now a " Stay At Home Mom", Again,,, Though my Children are not living at our home and my husband and I have the "empty nest", I'm still a Mom, Mamma as my kids have always called me. Once a Mother always a Mother. I had some plans when I quit teaching to do some "grown-up art since I taught First through twelfth grade children's art for all those years. I planned to start making and to sell my grown-up art right away. But guess what? I became a Grand Mother. Now a year later I'm still planning that Grown-up Art. It just didn't seem as important as Rocking my beautiful "little" sweetpea Grand Daughter, who lives five hours away,
so that's quite a way to go to do that Rocking,,, and
holding,,, and kissing,,, and now that she's a year old I can chase her and swing her. So, I guess I'll get to "work" as soon as I can. That's one reason I have started this Blog,,, I'm planning on Working at sharing a life time of "Working at Home as a Mom" with other "Moms who work at home".  And getting paid with hugs and kisses. 


monart said...

you must have a very special husband.

brobille said...

sorry, posted with the wrong name,

but you still must have a very special husband

The Harris Family said...

I love you Mama, that was great a Post! Sweetpea

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