Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unexplained Joy

I have had many simple Joys and blessings in my Life. 
I keep many memories of those special Joys close to my heart.
Some times my heart opens up to an unexpected moment 
as if God is giving me an exquisite gift.
 And what God gives me is never lost...
it is kept in my heart forever. 
One of the sweetest Gifts God gave me...
is my children.

These are my Children 
Melise           Britton          Megan

The treasure of memorable moments 
are filled with that of tiny hands 
and tiny feet, 
of quiet times together, 
of warm and Loving hugs and kisses, 
of holding on to a small hand,
and of letting it go so they could grow. 
My eyes have seen a glimpse of God, 
through watching my children grow. 
I'm sure God has laughed with me 
when ever I have laughed 
with my children and 
God must know the simple delights 
of being a parent, 
because I am His child. 
One of the sweetest gifts 
that life can bring, 
is when you know the plans 
that God has made for your children 
are unfolding before you 
and you know 
He holds eternity in His hands. 


megan said...

love you too!

monart said...

really good!
your bill

The Harris Family said...

That's precious mom! We love you too!

Anonymous said...

i am thrilled you read my blog! thanks for the comment! you have a beautiful family!!

MiMi said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It sounds like we have a lot in common with each other.

I look forward to learning more about you and your family and I hope you'll come back to visit me, also.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wise words on my blog. I'm so glad you stopped by and left a note.

It's been fun to stop by here and find out a bit more about you.

I plan on coming back and I hope you find your way back to visit me...anytime.

God Bless!

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