Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Grand Daughters Confessions

I want to tell you about these people, 
I think God gave them to me.
Their Odd, but wonderful,,, 
their called Grandparents.
I'm only 18 months old, 
I would advise you to get some
I found out 
mine will do some silly, 
but entertaining things... 
that really make me laugh!
will play in my ball pit with me,
and put on crazy things 
and dance with my friends...

My Gege 
will slide with me 
through curly tunnel slides...
and run with me through sand...

They are both good swingers... 

And they really like to take me 
to some interesting places 
and we have some real fun there... 

The best Thing about My Grand parents 
is that I can play some 
pretty interesting games with them.
This one was fun!!!
"Ok Grandaddy I'll stick this on your nose",

"and Gege this one's for your nose",

"and this one's for mine",

"and now we match"!

I teach my Grand parents lots of stuff,
they learn pretty fast...
"All you do Grandaddy 
is turn that shiny ball
and then we can go out side".
"See close up your fingers like this, 
it's easy"!
" I've got this Gege",,,
"Go,Grandaddy, Go, 
it IS fun dancing to the "Boss"!!

"All you do is put this 
right there in that space".

My Grand Parents are pretty incredible.
All they want is a huggy moment.
And I even have fun when we do that.


Anonymous said...


your Bill

megan said...

i think she thinks y'all are some pretty fun folks!

The Harris Family said...

That's a SWEET post!

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