Saturday, November 7, 2009

Giving time....................

The time is near (48days)
to Thank our Lord for
for Giving us the Gift:
Of Joy
the Gift of Love
the the Gift of Jesus.
That time of Magical
You can Give back by nominating
a family in need, At Under the Tree.
Sponsored by 5mins for Mom.
They with provide presents for a family,
by putting presents under their Tree.
Just Click here to nominate a family.
And join the Christmas Giveaway,
for your family and share the spirit of
Christmas Joy and Love.

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From the Kitchen said...

Thanks for checking out my (work in progress) blog and for the photo suggestions. I've tried them earlier but, for some reason, every time I try to move the photos around, the computer freezes up. And it's a brand new IMAC!!!!! Grrrrr! I need to find time to really concentrate and call for tech help--or grab a 7 year old off the street! I came to your daughter's blog through Darby. Your grand daughter is adorable. I am new to blogs/blogging and am beginning to think I might need to join a B.A. (Bloggers' Anonymous) group soon. On the other hand, it is like visiting with delightful new friends right from my home.

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