Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Day

There are many happy days in my Memory,
There is one
That happened three years ago
on Aug 26th.
My baby Girl got married.
A Beautiful
and most fun day in my memory.
And a little teary eyed to,
when I remember
the moment
as about to walk away from her,
I looked back at my
Sweet Sunflower Girl.
Only minutes later I knew she would
she would be a Wife.
We love you TJ.
And Thank
for the blessed union between you
and our Always precious Daughter.

1 comment:

Haven and Home said...

Oh my gosh, why am I crying right now? I came here because I loved your picture on your profile in the comments section of A Life's Design (from another post other than the anniversary post). Then I read your bio and thought it was so cool. So, I clicked on your blog, read the anniversary post, put two and two together, went back and looked at your daughter's comments from her anniversary post and here I am crying! I must be emotional right now. There is just something so sweet between a mother and daughter. I think I need to go call my Mom (not that I don't already at least 20 times a day).

I love your daughter's blog and I will be sure to come back by. I got married 2 years ago this August and I wore the exact same dress, I think it is so beautiful!

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