Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Year Of Being Cute Together...

Today marks a portal of time 
for My Husband Bill and I,,, 
today we have been married 35 years.
The cards we exchange are always an important part of the day for us. For the past few years we have both
looked for the
"cute" cards, 
with the 
Children Kissing. 
I found one this year to, 
but I also found one that
expressed some things 
after 35 years, that I felt, 
so I bought them both. We don't give gifts to each other, after 35 years we have given, all the cool stuff, and all we could afford, so we agree all we really want is a day of Love. 
Another Ahhwww!
would like to share 
what we wrote to 
each other I hope 
and pray that it 
touch's your heart, 
and you are inspired 
to withstand the storms 
of life and grab onto a little bit of heaven on earth by simply experiencing an unconditional love that 
Bill and I have found. 
I hope you enjoy these pictures of 
" My Man", 
and the "Boy" 
I saw at a teen club dance in 1969, he was the guitar player in the band, I picked him out and I wanted to meet him. Little did I know he had picked me out too, 
and God put us together. Forever.... 

My 4 ever Mona,
Our Lord Jesus meant for us to be together before we entered time. I have been the most happiest man since I met you. I know I don't say it enough, but I Love you, I will always Love you and we will be together forever.
                All My Love, Your 4 ever Bill
My Bill,
The first time I saw you... you made me Dizzy-and I surrendered my heart and soul. With all I know... God must have arranged our marriage. (35 years today) The years that have followed have gently blessed us with a love so immense it is eternal. I love you more than you will ever know. You are the poem of my Life. Your the
Masterpiece I longed to paint. Because of your 
smile you have made my life more beautiful. 
Because of you... I have exquisite moments of 
tenderness. Because of you... My life has been fulfilled with moments of Joy! 
Because of you... we have a lifetime of days 
filled with ordinary miracles. 
Because of you... My life has been filled with a rare dazzling and priceless Love. You are my Gift of Time...
Time IS...
To slow for those who wait 
To swift for those who fear
To long for those who grieve
To short for those who rejoice        
but for those who Love...               
Time is Eternity                          
I am blessed to have spent time with you. 
I'm over-joyed to have you as My One and Only. 
Because of You... 
My Heart has Love
Us, Two, We
Always and Forever
Your Mona
I know its mushy stuff, but,,,, I pray you are bless with a little mush in your life, too.
For God "SO" loved.... he gave His Only Son.( John 3:16 )

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The Harris Family said...

Most Happy Happy Anniversary to you both! I love you!

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